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Combining the Internet's Two Favorite Things:

When people around the globe think of the world wide web, two things come to mind: cute cats and naked women. Both furry, both entertaining, both hallmarks of our great information highway. So in the spirit of historic combinations like peanut butter and jelly, beer and pizza and cash and free time, we humbly offer up our own unholy marriage.

Pussy x 2.

We’ve created the Internet’s most overdue mashup based on cyberspace's two most popular searches: (The third is finding directions, we just couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate a map.)

It's simple: On one side there's an adorable, fluffy feline, and on the other a beautiful, completely symmetrical vagina. The Internet's two favorite things... and now you can sit on both of them at once with our patent-pending Pussy Pillows! Use as a comfy place to rest your head after a hard day's work talking to a bunch of assholes at your job, relax with your favorite partner or give as a gift to your grandmother.

The Official Pussy Pillow Commerical


I got rid of my girlfriend and my cat after I got my Pussy Pillow!

– Julio

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Pussy Pillow combines two of the internet's favorite things: cats & porn! It is 100% made - cut, sewn and printed - in California. Price includes both the printed pillowcase and inside pillow.

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